Freight Forwarding Service

The Eltrans+ Group of Companies provides full freight forwarding service (domestic and international transportation by all means of transport), 100% responsibility for cargo.

We provide services for transportation by all means of transport

Air transportation

The first choice for time sensitive delivery is air transportation. We offer a package of air delivery services which include delivery of cargo to the airport, preparation of supporting documents, placement of cargo on board the aircraft, air freight and last-mile delivery, including airport freight forwarding.

Road transportation

The package of road delivery services includes ordering a vehicle, acceptance of cargo at the TSW, preparation of necessary documents/certificates, transfer of cargo to the customer's warehouse, and cargo insurance.

Multimodal transportation

When carrying out multimodal transportation, the Eltrans+ Group of Companies takes charge of all operations from the delivery of an empty container for loading at the consignor's warehouse, transportation of goods with subsequent customs clearance and delivery to the consignee's warehouse.

Rail transportation

The Eltrans+ Group of Companies carries out transportation of goods by rail using all railway options, namely: transportation in containers, wagons, open wagons, flat wagons, as well as tanks and hopper wagons. Eltrans+ is a freight forwarder of RZhD OJSC.

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